Mobile Dev Memo SXSW Happy Hour, 2016


About the Event

Mobile Dev Memo is organizing a Mobile Marketing Happy Hour at the 2016 SXSW Interactive festival in Austin, Texas. SXSW Interactive runs from March 11th – 15th and is expected to draw upwards of 30,000 attendees from every corner of the world and every part of the technology ecosystem.

The Mobile Dev Memo SXSW happy hour will be an invite-only event attended by professionals from within the mobile marketing space: marketers, investors, and executives. The guest list will be restricted to only people directly involved with scaling mobile products; aside from the sponsors, the event will be completely free of vendors. The sponsorship contributions will be used to provide free drinks and food to attendees, as well as to rent the venue. The venues currently being considered are all within walking distance of the SXSW Interactive activities in downtown Austin.

About the Attendees

Tickets to the event will be limited, and entrance will be restricted to only those holding tickets. The expected size of the event is between 200 and 250 people.

Tickets will be given out to attendees based on 1) seniority (the event will aim to be VP-level and up), 2) size and scale of the company’s mobile efforts (the event is exclusively meant for people operating in mobile), and 3) relevance to mobile marketing and growth.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Four sponsorship opportunities are available for the event, across two tiers:

Titans of the Industry (1 of 3 available — $2,000): Sponsors in this tier will receive:

  • 10 tickets to the event to distribute as they please;
  • The ability to hang a poster or position a roll-up banner at the event;
  • One week of exclusive advertising (ie. theirs will be the only ads running) on Mobile Dev Memo and in the Mobile Dev Memo newsletter. The timing of the ads will be agreed upon with the sponsors but will take place within 2 months of SXSW Interactive, either before or after.

Gods of Mobile (0 of 1 available — $5,000): The sponsor in this tier will receive:

  • 20 tickets to the event to distribute as they please;
  • The most prominent positioning of a banner or roll-up at the event;
  • The opportunity to briefly welcome guests and introduce the company and its products;
  • One month of exclusive advertising on Mobile Dev Memo and in the Mobile Dev Memo newsletter. This advertising will run throughout March.
  • This has already been booked.

Previous Mobile Dev Memo Events

This is what attendees of past events organized by Mobile Dev Memo (such as the LTV > CPI series in Berlin and the F2P Rocks event in Tallinn) have said about them:

Brad Richards, Senior Product Manager at MAGIX AG


“The happy hour that Eric organized in Berlin for the Mobile Growth Summit was excellent: a great crowd of people, good food, and an atmosphere that helped facilitate meeting new people. I had a great time at the happy hour and I ended up leaving with a ton of new contacts.”

Nebo Radovic, Marketing at Nordeus (Top Eleven Football)


“Eric’s Mobile Dev Memo events are always top notch, interesting and free of vendor sales pitches. His recent happy hour in Berlin was a great example of that: well-organized, packed with all relevant user acquisition professionals who could exchange their experiences with fellow industry members in a pleasant vendor free environment.”

Christian Calderon, Head of Marketing at Dots (Dots, Two Dots)


“Eric, via his Mobile Dev Memo website, has organized some truly top notch events and meetups for UA professionals that lack the sales-driven atmosphere of most other events in this industry. I can always trust one of Eric’s events to be a prime opportunity for networking and learning.”

About the Mobile Dev Memo

The Mobile Dev Memo newsletter is sent out each week to an engaged audience of 2,000 people from across the mobile industry. The recipient list is capped at 2,000 people and curated weekly, with inactive emails removed. This results in incredibly high engagement metrics (ca. 50% open rate compared to 24.11% industry average):


The Mobile Dev Memo website receives between 50 and 60 thousand page views per month:


Mobile Dev Memo’s traffic is predominantly from Western countries:


More information

If you’d like more information regarding the sponsorship opportunities, please don’t hesitate to email Eric Seufert.