How and when should an app developer choose a Mobile Attribution Partner?

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Asked on May 17, 2019 9:34 am
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There are not a lot of attribution partners out there (~4-5), and it's safe to say that all provide a reasonable (if not more), basic product. So other than price, choosing should be based on the extra:

1. Fraud - if you intend to use many UA channels (rather than just FB & Google), fraud detection capabilities is a major consideration. 

2. Integration and tools - access to the data (APIs, reporting) and integration with other data-based platforms.

3. Privacy - Is your data safe? Could it be sold to 3rd parties? In a post-GDPR/CCPA era, this is critical.

4. Cross-channel attribution - this especially applies if you're a part of a cross channel industry (like online shopping).

Accuracy is important as well, but these 4 above are the real potential deal-breakers.

I do agree with Olivier Lemarié that there is no real question about WHEN. The answer should be ASAP. 

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Posted by Jonathan_Raveh (Questions: 1, Answers: 9)
Answered on November 5, 2019 1:01 pm
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When should I consider a Mobile attribution partner? as soon as possible, especially becasue they don't charge for organic installs. 

Why? to get a better picture of your traffic sources

What is a Mobile attribution partner ?

mobile attribution is about tracking the source of incoming app installs. To find out which channels of user acquisition work best in the long-term, attribution also covers in-app events that occur after the download (post-install events).

Who are the differences companies?

There are only a few companies in this area as they need to be FB's partners. The leader is Appsflyer. Other companies are Adjust, Kochova, Branch, Tune or Tenjin. 

How to choose the right partner ? 

As soon as they are FB certified, there are not that much differences between these actors. As most app developers will run FB ads sooner or later, I would not recommend to choose a non MMP partner. 

Decisions can be made on very specific topics like service level, pricing, deeplinking capabilities or cross device attribution.  

Should I develop my own internal attribution tool?

You could consider it but you won't probably get access to the MMP certification and thus won't get information from Facebook to avoid duplication from installs.

I would suggest to focus your internal effort on building campaign optimisation tools or  analysing and detecting possible fraud even if now most of the partners offer fraud detection product. 


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Posted by Olivier Lemarié (Questions: 3, Answers: 7)
Answered on May 17, 2019 9:35 am