Should LAT users be handled differently across channels?

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Asked on April 13, 2020 12:55 pm
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Try by yourself to apply a multiplier to all your UA, and your organic may become negative
There are 3 groups of channels which behaves very differently in this regard:
- ASA has a very unique way of dealing with LAT: show ads, but don't report. I don't think is "nice and easy" at all in this regard, but if you're happy extrapolating from Apple numbers, go for it
- Networks where app installs ads are (mostly*) not shown to LAT users, which include: Facebook, UAC (display & youtube), programmatic & remarketing networks. If you extrapolate anything here, you're making it up. If you only advertise there, you're missing out on a large chunk of your audience
- SDK-adwords, anything web, content marketing, others: ads are shown to LAT users, and captured via fingerprint & similar techniques. While it's far from perfect (and SANs are far from it too), it somewhat works and you do see LAT attributed there, so I wouldn't extrapolate either. Note that Facebook for web would be in this group, the above one is only for App Installs.

* there are always discpreancies and it's usual to see a small 1-2% LAT rates on those (vs 20-30% in the market)
- This is based on my observations, I'm happy to be proven wrong on specifics so I can keep learning
- I tried to go through those in a recent interview with Shamanth on the MobileAcquisitionShow)
- I'm talking for iOS here, given that Android rates are now very low (<3% according to the latest Singular report) and not an area of focus for UA for the apps I work with 

- UAC Search would be a fourth group, but the pattern was really bizarre and this isn't reported to MMP since January so irrelevant for the future

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Answered on April 28, 2020 1:48 pm