What is LiveOps and how does it affect UA Performance for mobile games?

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LiveOps is a huge discussion area in itself. Let's look at LiveOps in the context of User Acquisition (UA) without delving too much into its complexity. This is just an introduction to LiveOps.

As the name itself suggests, LiveOps is running active operations for a live app. It includes frequent updates of the app with:

  • New content

  • New features

  • Live events

  • Offers/Promotions

  • Bug fixes and improvements

If you notice the top grossing charts, the apps which have been at the top of the charts over the years consistently are backed by excellent LiveOps. The 'highs' in their top grossing rankings are often due to LiveOps, UA or both.

In a LiveOps driven app, users not only use the app for more hours but also do so over a long period of time. It helps in maximizing and sustaining the revenue in the long run. LiveOps extends the life of an app and makes it serviceable for years to come.

Nature of LiveOps


LiveOps is extremely dependent upon tools & techniques to measure, learn and improve KPIs across acquisition, retention, engagement, & monetisation.


Different LiveOps strategies are applied for users in different product lifecycle stages and different segments. Segmentation could be based on app usage, payer status, geos etc.


LiveOps involves running continuous AB tests and iterations to arrive at the best variant. The AB tests are rolled out to small test cohorts in the beginning and are then rolled out 100% after the test is successful.


How does LiveOps affect UA?

  • LiveOps improves Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) as the monetization opportunities increase. Paying users often consume content too fast and they engage & monetize better when there is something ‘new’.

  • When the base LTV and retention numbers of an app hit saturation, LiveOps helps in improving them further. This aids UA.

  • LiveOps helps in scaling re-engagement campaigns profitably.

  • Having a clear LiveOps roadmap helps in synchronizing UA efforts to improve and scale the UA performance.

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