How to use Agamemnon for Free!

Agamemnon is a mobile user acquisition business intelligence tool that helps user acquisition managers build DAU and cash flow projections based on the performance data of their marketing campaigns.

Agamemnon is free, but it has two premium features that can be purchased with access passes: Virality calculation (adding virality into a model) and Excel exporting (exporting a model into an Excel file).

If you would like to get access to those premium features for free for two weeks, simply tweet the following text:

Agamemnon helps mobile user acquisition managers project app cash flows & optimize their mobile marketing budgets!

BEFORE YOU SEND THE TWEET, download this picture and insert it into the tweet. The tweet must have the picture inserted in order for you to receive free credit.

Once you’ve sent the above tweet to your followers — and it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, but you must have the picture attached to the tweet — submit the link of the tweet (instructions on how to get a tweet’s URL) along with the email address you registered your Agamemnon account under with this form. Once I receive your email, you’ll have two weeks worth of credit added to your account within a few hours.