Countly was founded in 2012 as an open source, self-hosted mobile-first analytics platform, expanding into hosted versions for enterprise in 2013. Countly is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey with an office in London.

Countly’s product deck places specific emphasis on its real-time tracking capability and its intuitive, accessible UI. Countly offers three versions of its product: the Community Edition, which is free and self-hosted; the Cloud Edition, which is hosted on Countly’s servers and metered; and the Enterprise Edition, which is hosted on-site but attended to by priority support. The Cloud Edition price points are $69 per month for up to 500,000 app sessions and $189 per month for up to 2,000,000 app sessions. The Enterprise Edition is priced on a custom basis, and the Community Edition is free to download.

From the Company:

“Countly is an enterprise, open source, mobile analytics platform. It collects data from mobile devices, and visualizes this information in real-time on an eye-catching interface. It’s the only viable on-premise solution with a focus on mobile, desktop, Facebook and generic device analytics.”