Mobile User Acquisition 101

The following videos were created to provide a broad, high-level overview of the core concepts used in mobile user acquisition, namely: lifetime customer value, retention, and campaign optimization.

This video series wasn’t designed and isn’t meant to be useful for seasoned user acquisition professionals; people who are generally familiar with these concepts will find these videos overly basic and introductory. Rather, this video series was designed with two use cases in mind:

  • Product managers and executives at app development companies that want to be generally aware of mobile user acquisition workflow and how user acquisition managers make decisions;
  • People within a mobile app development company that want to transition into a user acquisition role and can benefit from a quick primer on the function.

Mobile User Acquisition 101 – What is LTV?

Mobile User Acquisition 101 – Building a Retention Curve

Mobile User Acquisition 101 – Measuring Campaign Performance

Mobile User Acquisition 101 – LTV and Cash Flow Management

Mobile User Acquisition 101 – Calculating Virality

In addition to these videos, someone new to the field of mobile user acquisition might find the following resources valuable:

  • My Freemium Spreadsheet Revenue Model, which illustrates how the various “levers” of freemium products (monetization, retention, virality, paid user acquisition) work in concert to produce revenue;
  • My LTV Spreadsheet Model, which provides two different approaches for measuring lifetime customer revenue in a freemium product.