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Mobile Dev Memo hosts its own Slack team at This team is open to everyone in the mobile space (vendors included!) and is meant to be a place to share information and resources around marketing, analytics, and general strategy. You can sign up to join the Slack team below.

The team and associated channels are a professional space to exchange information around a range of topics related to mobile. As such, please try to avoid irrelevant topics and maintain a professional tone (no swearing, etc.).

The only rules associated with the Mobile Dev Memo Slack team are:

  1. No aggressive advertising of products and services. If, within the normal course of conversation, it would be appropriate to recommend a specific product or service (including those of your employer), feel free to do so. But promoting specific products without prompt will result in being removed from the Team.
  2. No abusive, dismissive, overly argumentative, intimidating, or prejudicial behavior will be tolerated. There is a zero-strike policy for obnoxious behavior.
  3. As a corollary to both #1 and #2: direct messaging should be used responsibly. Sending direct messages to people that have not indicated that they wish to speak privately will result in a ban from the Team.

We look forward to seeing you on the Slack team!

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