How to Build and Scale successful apps without the IDFA

I have developed a one-hour workshop that gives guidance on how app developers and advertisers can adjust to the new app economy paradigm coming with iOS 14. In the workshop, I provide:

  1. An overview of the changes coming to iOS 14;
  2. Guidance around how to design an app economy in a way that fully accommodates SKAdNetwork;
  3. Guidance around direct response advertising strategy and optimization within the SKAdNetwork framework;
  4. An overview of non-deterministic advertising measurement;
  5. Guidance around how non-deterministic measurement can be utilized to drive ad spend efficiency.

The agenda of the workshop is below:

The majority of this workshop will be dedicated to product and advertising strategy, with just a brief overview of eg. what the IDFA is and what changes are being introduced in iOS 14. For that background, I recommend that all participants read this post: Apple killed the IDFA: A comprehensive guide to the future of mobile marketing.

Given that the workshop is strategic in nature, it is best suited for: executive teams, institutional investors, product leads, and marketing leads.

The entire workshop is 1.5 hours: 1 hour of content, 30 minutes of Q&A. I will be holding these workshops for groups of up to 10 people, and the cost of the workshop is $1500 (total, not per person). The workshops will be held via Zoom, and I am scheduling them throughout the month of August. In order to register for a group workshop, fill out this form.