Introducing the Marketing Micro Audit

I’m excited to offer a new Micro Audit product for performance marketing teams. The Micro Audit is conducted via a lengthy and exhaustive questionnaire that is filled out by the client. Armed with information from the questionnaire, I complete an Executive Summary and Report Card (sample here) for the client that assesses its marketing team, tools, processes, and workflow across a number of dimensions:

  • Team Composition and Execution;
  • Channel Mix;
  • Creative Production and Testing;
  • Analytics and Reporting;
  • Measurement.

Marketing teams often operate within information vacuums: the team executes a process or optimizes to specific KPIs simply because that is the way that things have always been done. But operational momentum can represent the death of yield in performance marketing, given the dynamic and fast-moving nature of the digital advertising ecosystem. While it’s important to reinforce the most performant tactics and ideas, it’s also important to circulate fresh ideas into a marketing workflow and to regularly touch base with current trends across the market.

A sample copy of the Executive Summary and Report Card can be found here. In the Micro Audit, once the Executive Summary and Report Card is delivered to the client, I also engage with the client in a one-hour phone consultation and Q&A session to go over the findings presented in the Executive Summary and Report Card. I commit to delivering the Executive Summary and Report Card to clients within one week of receiving the completed questionnaire.

The cost of the Micro Audit is $2,500, which is paid upfront via invoice. The Micro Audit is commenced via a lightweight Statement of Work contract that is sent to the client for electronic signature.

To register interest in participating in a Micro Audit, fill out this form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I engage you for a Micro Audit?

Fill out this form.

What type of company can benefit most from a Micro Audit?

The Micro Audit is designed for consumer-focused companies that primarily engage in performance marketing for customer acquisition, growth, and revenue generation. The Micro Audit is not a good fit for B2B or enterprise companies or companies that primarily engage in brand marketing (unless they wish to improve their performance marketing capabilities).

Can I receive a discount if I order Micro Audits for multiple companies?

I offer a 30% discount for orders of three or more Micro Audits.

What is the profile of company to which the Micro Audit is best suited, or will benefit the most from a Micro Audit?

Companies with a monthly marketing budget of between $250k-2MM will benefit the most from a Micro Audit. Companies spending more than $2MM on a monthly basis would be better served by a traditional. larger-scale Audit, which can be organized by contacting me directly.

Do you offer refunds for the Micro Audit if I don’t find it helpful?

Given that the Micro Audit is a service product with a knowledge-based deliverable, it’s not possible to offer refunds. Potential clients should acquaint themselves with my perspective and skill as a marketer before commencing a Micro Audit.