mobileapptracking-logoFounded in 2009, HasOffers was originally conceived as a platform to help companies manage their affiliate marketing campaigns. The Seattle-based company eventually expanded into advertising attribution, launching their mobile advertising attribution tool, MobileAppTracking, in 2011. In May 2013, HasOffers raised $9.4 in a venture round led by Accel to further develop its MobileAppTracking product.

MobileAppTracking allows advertisers to attribute new app users to the source campaign that led them there — alleviating a critical pain point felt by most app developers, who face nearly total platform opacity with respect to how users discover their apps (and thus the ROI-based performance of their mobile marketing campaigns). MobileAppTracking is able to associate new users to their source campaigns by routing traffic to an app through a fingerprinting routine that captures various pieces of information about the user; when a new user joins an app, the app developer sends the same set of data points to MobileAppTracking and product attempts to make a match. MobileAppTracking’s product features a rich set of dashboards that allow clients to track installs by channel and measure the lifetime value of users from various sources.

MobileAppTracking is priced at $0.002 cents per tracked install on a pay-as-you-go basis and on a sliding scale down to $0.0008 per tracked install for up to 25,000,000 installs per month (with a minimum spend of $20,000). A custom pricing schedule is available for clients needing more than 25,000,000 tracked installs on a monthly basis.