mobiledevhq-logoFounded in 2012 and based in Seattle, MobileDevHQ aims to be a full-service discovery optimization platform. The company offers a full suite of tools aimed to help app developers analyze their apps’ positions in search results (for both the iOS App Store, worldwide, and the Google Play store in the United States) and a consultancy service that can be tailored to a specific company’s needs in staying abreast of developments in their vertical. MobileDevHQ has raised $650k in funding.

MobileDevHQ’s developer tools allow app owners to analyze the performance of the keywords they are currently using in their apps’ descriptions as well as to choose improved keywords based on predicted performance. MobileDevHQ also provides developers with the ability to track their ranks in the App Store and Google Play over time, localized by region, based on search results.

MobileDevHQ’s enterprise offering takes the form of reports that developers can request addressing their current App Store SEO effectiveness, alerts about updates made by competitors, and consulting services. MobileDevHQ is priced on a sliding scale from a free tier through $350 / month. The enterprise solution is priced on a per-user basis.