Omniata is a stealth start-up operating a data platform designed to provide app developers with a high-level overview of all aspects of usage and monetization. Omniata’s specific product focus is on marketing analytics and user acquisition optimization, and its platform is currently in closed beta.

From the Company:

“Omniata is an end-to-end data platform that enables companies to analyze and engage their users across any channel or device.  It is highly flexible – it’s able to consolidate different sources and formats of data, thus breaking the traditional data silos created when using multiple analytics systems, ad networks, and internal systems.  Omniata is comprised of a suite of applications that includes:  data transformation, data visualization, acquisition marketing analysis, real-time user engagement and A/B testing.  This allows a company to practice holistic Digital User Management; understanding the user and personalizing the experience at every step of their life cycle.”