Swrve was founded in 2009 as a platform to facilitate real-time messaging and advertising in web and mobile games and has since developed into a fully-featured A/B testing, analytics, messaging, and behavioral management platform. Swrve is headquartered in San Francisco and has a development office in Dublin; the company raised $6.25MM in venture financing in 2012.

Swrve’s product offers user segmentation functionality based on behavior, demographics, and acquisition source, but analytics comprises only one component of the entire platform, which also offers real-time targeting (for messages, promotions, etc.) and A/B testing. The product is offered with 3 tiers – Base, Pro, and Blackbelt – distinguished on the basis of both metered volume (as in in-app messaging and number of A/B tests provided for) and feature access. Swrve is priced on an individual basis.