Vancouver-based Tapstream produces an attribution platform that tracks app installs from the point of ad display. Tapstream renders its attribution data in a cloud-based dashboard that automatically sorts users by cohort and produces estimates about per-channel LTV.

In October 2013, Tapstream raised a C$700k seed round of financing led by BDC Venture Capital.

From the Company:

A classic case of dogfooding, Tapstream was born out of the founders’ need to better understand where their new app users came from.  Tired of not being able to understand which of their marketing efforts had the most impact on user acquisition, the Victoria based co-founding team set out to build a truly comprehensive attribution platform.

Tapstream enables app developers and mobile marketers to attribute every download of their apps back to source, regardless of where the user came from.  Whether you rely on paid advertising, social marketing, PR, email, or content marketing, Tapstream can give you more insight into what’s driving app downloads than any other tool.

  • Easily track a users LTV and optimize your marketing mix to focus in on campaigns and strategies that work while abandoning ones that don’t.
  • Create funnels and cohorts to trace in app events (purchases) back to source and identify your highest value sources of new users
  • Manage everything from a super friendly and easy to use dashboard

Tapstream is the most comprehensive mobile install tracking tool available, covering both impression and click-through tracking. It enables app makers to earn more money by targeting the most profitable user acquisition channels.