Announcing the MDM Investment Syndicate

A little more than two years ago, in The mobile app economy’s second act, I analyzed how a confluence of currents was creating a dynamic of renewal on mobile: emerging business models, ascendant new product categories, new tactics for distribution, user acquisition, and engagement were all converging to create incredible opportunity on mobile. The impending deprecation of the IDFA will accelerate some of these changes along their trajectories and allow for whole new categories of consumer mobile apps and advertising technology to take root and flourish.

In the time since that post was published, Mobile Dev Memo — encapsulating both the blog and the Slack community — has grown tremendously. Mobile Dev Memo is now a tribe of deep domain experts around monetization, product design, and performance advertising across mobile.

I’m proud to announce today the launch of the Mobile Dev Memo investment syndicate, which will invest in a handful of mobile-centric start-ups each year at the pre-seed and seed stages. As the syndicate sponsor, I will source investment opportunities from my network and from the Mobile Dev Memo community and present them to the syndicate. Members of the syndicate can decide whether they want to invest in any given deal or not. The size of investments made by the syndicate will range from $50k – 100k, and the minimum investment contribution for syndicate members for any given deal is $2,500. The Mobile Dev Memo Investment Syndicate has one deal ready for investment, with others prepared throughout the remainder of the year.

The Mobile Dev Memo Investment Syndicate will operate as a private channel within the Mobile Dev Memo Slack team. In order to apply to join the Mobile Dev Memo Investment Syndicate, please fill out this form. For more information, see the brief FAQ below:

What are the requirements for joining the MDM Investment Syndicate?

All members (including non-US nationals) must qualify as accredited investors as defined by the SEC. More information on that qualification may be found here.

I may also exclude employees from certain vendors from joining the syndicate, or exclude them from access to specific deals.

How can I join the MDM Investment Syndicate?

Fill out this form.

What is an investment syndicate?

A syndicate is an investment vehicle that is formed amongst investors to make a single investment. Each individual deal surfaced to the MDM Investment Syndicate will actually require the formation of a new investment vehicle to make an equity investment in that individual company. I define the MDM Investment Syndicate here as the group of people that may participate in any given deal. More information on investment syndicates can be found here.

What kinds of companies will be surfaced to the MDM Investment Syndicate for investment?

I am open to considering any company that operates “mobile first,” or exclusively / primarily on mobile. This can span:

  • Consumer content apps (eg. games, dating apps, travel apps, etc.);
  • Mobile ad tech;
  • Mobile-first fintech (mobile banking, mobile payments, etc.);
  • Streaming services;
  • Commerce (money transfer, marketplaces, shopping);
  • Mobility (urban transport, spare capacity monetization, etc.).

What non-monetary benefits can a portfolio company expect from the MDM Investment Syndicate?

I am working on an office hours platform in which portfolio companies can schedule time with myself and various participating members of the MDM Investment Syndicate to discuss issues of strategy around growth, market sizing, competitive landscape, monetization, etc. This should launch in Q1 2021.

I am also hoping to launch a yearly MDM Investment Syndicate “portfolio day” in 2021.

If an MDM Investment Syndicate member wishes to participate in a deal, what is the minimum investment commitment?


Who manages the mechanics of each deal surfaced to the MDM Investment Syndicate?

A third party manages the investment process, from the formation of the SPV to the receipt of funds to the distribution of profits and circulation of tax information.

As a member of the MDM Investment Syndicate, will I be obliged to participate in every active deal that is surfaced?

No. Members can choose in which deals they participate.

What are the economics of each deal for the MDM Investment Syndicate?

I will invest into every deal that I surface to the MDM Investment Syndicate at an amount that will be specified in each deal memo (but at least at the minimum level of $2500). I will receive 20% carried interest on the proceeds from any exit.

The third party servicing company that manages the formation of SPVs for the syndicate charges a variable fee for the operational effort required in each deal. This fee is taken out of the amount of money raised for the deal.

How can I submit my company for consideration for investment?

To pitch your company, email Eric Seufert and include your pitch deck and all information relevant to an investment decision.

How quickly will the MDM Investment Syndicate make investment decisions?

Investment commitments will be gathered from the syndicate over the course of 14 days after allocation agreement. Time to wire may vary by deal.

How many deals are expected to be executed per year with the MDM Investment Syndicate?

Likely 1-2 per quarter.

Where will communication take place for the MDM Investment Syndicate?

All communication will take place within a dedicated channel in the Mobile Dev Memo Slack Team.

How can I get more information about the MDM Investment Syndicate?

DM Eric Seufert on the MDM Slack Team.