ATT, one month in: privacy thresholds with Rich Jones of Dataseat (ep. 1 of 3)

Today I am publishing the first episode in a three-part podcast series called “ATT, one month in” that will report observations on iOS 14.5 and its impact on mobile advertising from various corners of the ad tech ecosystem. The purpose of this podcast series is to serve as an analytical waypoint in the roll-out of iOS 14.5: how is the mobile landscape changing, and what can be expected in the near-term future.

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These episodes will not age well. This series presents snapshots of what is happening right now — in this very transformative moment — in the mobile ecosystem.

In today’s episode, I speak with Rich Jones, the Head of Product at Dataseat, a mobile DSP. Rich and I discuss the nature of Apple’s privacy threshold and what we’ve learned about it since ATT was first announced. Rich yesterday posted a very provocative graph (above) of the prevalence of conversion values in the postbacks that Dataseat is seeing across its network, which precipitated the conversation.

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