Unpacking Google’s deprecation of the GAID and the Privacy Sandbox for Android

In this episode of the Mobile Dev Memo podcast, I speak with Yevgeny Peres, the VP of Growth at ironSource, about Google’s announcement that it will deprecate the GAID as well as its introduction of the Privacy Sandbox for Android. I unpacked Google’s announcement of its Privacy Sandbox and the deprecation of the GAID in a post that was published shortly after the announcement. 

But my thinking was mostly out of alignment with the commentary delivered by other outlets. Popular sentiment following the announcement characterized the deprecation of the GAID as the Android equivalent of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework, and the coverage generally surmised that the changes would catalyze another disaster for mobile advertising performance. But I believe the Privacy Sandbox, which is a collaborative environment for proposing and evaluating Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) concepts, is a positive and optimism-inducing development for the mobile advertising ecosystem. In the episode, Yevgeny and I discuss the three tools proposed in the Privacy Sandbox for Android, as well as the new SDK Runtime that Google revealed.

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