Introducing MDM Academy, an education portal for performance marketers

Performance marketing sits at a strange intersection of disciplines: statistics, computer science, behavioral economics and psychology, and marketing. One can’t study performance marketing at university, and performance marketing talent is highly concentrated both geographically and within the walls of a handful of companies. It’s a sad reality that for many people, learning to become a performance marketer is impossible: it’s mostly an apprenticeship-led field and many companies hire for very specific, adjacent experience.

The goal in launching QuantMar in June 2019 was to create a platform for performance marketers to share insights and knowledge in a forum that is free from vendor influence. Further to that goal, I am very happy today to announce the launch of the MDM Academy, an education portal for performance marketers. MDM Academy aggregates high-quality workshops from recognized experts in various fields; readers can purchase tickets to those workshops, which are mostly held via live webcast. Over the course of March and April, the MDM Academy will host the following workshops, with more to be announced in the coming weeks (workshops listed in chronological order):

Winning with Facebook Audiences: How to unlock massive scale through audience expansion by Shamanth Rao

Mobile User Acquisition 101 by Eric Seufert

Soft-launch strategy for mobile games by Matej Lančarič

Apple Search Ads: What to look for beyond basic setup by Thomas Petit

Understanding mobile ad monetization and how it creates value by Bozo Jankovic

Modern Mobile Marketing at Scale (in-person workshop in Berlin) by Eric Seufert

Each of these workshops is being run by someone whom I deeply respect on the basis of their background and ability to communicate complex ideas. Taken together, I think these workshops represent a comprehensive education in performance marketing tactics and theory; a new hire could go from zero knowledge to being fairly well-informed on topics concerning performance marketing in a matter of a month through attending these workshops.

I expect the MDM Academy to grow over time, hopefully into a full catalogue of dozens of workshops available at any given time on a wide array of subjects. Workshop organizers keep 100% of the proceeds of their ticket sales; the purpose of MDM Academy is not only to give practitioners the ability to learn new performance marketing skills from bonafide experts, but also to give bonafide experts the ability to monetize that knowledge. What if, instead of being mobbed by a handful of over-eager, unctuous salespeople trying to sell their undifferentiated ad tech products after a conference talk, the speaker got paid? That hypothetical was part of my motivation in creating the MDM Academy.

Click here to view the workshops currently available through the MDM Academy, and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to propose a workshop.