Introducing the Modern Mobile Marketing at Scale online course

Modern Mobile Marketing at Scale was an in-person, 8-hour workshop that I presented in New York, San Francisco, and London last year and had intended on presenting three more times over the course of 2020. I spent nearly 3 months developing the content, which is a comprehensive review of mobile marketing: analytics and reporting, creative strategy, cohort analysis, and specific tactics and strategy for Facebook and Google UAC marketing.

Due to COVID, I have canceled the remaining workshops that were scheduled to take place over the rest of the year and adapted the content into an online course. The online course runs at more than four hours over six modules. The modules are:

  1. Modern mobile ad platforms
  2. Ad creative strategy
  3. Recoup analysis
  4. Analytics and reporting
  5. Facebook
  6. Google UAC

Modern Mobile Marketing at Scale is a great fit for people who want 1) a deep conceptual foundation in mobile marketing as well as 2) a broad primer on tactics that successful companies use to scale their marketing spend profitably to millions of dollars per month.

This course can benefit product managers, user acquisition managers who are being promoted to team lead positions, company executives, finance / accounting managers, creative directors, etc. The course provides an overview of the entire mobile marketing function, so students should leave with a very strong understanding of how user acquisition teams operate and systematically grow spend.

The course can be found here.