iOS 14, Privacy, and the Future of Digital Advertising

UPDATE: I have recorded the presentation that was delivered in the Clubhouse room and released it as a podcast, which can be found on Spotify below:

The Mobile Dev Memo podcast is available on:

This week, I am running an experiment: in lieu of my regular Monday column, I will be giving a presentation on Clubhouse titled iOS 14, Privacy, and the Future of Digital Advertising.

What: Presentation, iOS 14, Privacy, and the Future of Digital Advertising
When: Monday, March 1st, 5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

The presentation will provide background on Apple’s soon-to-be-enforced App Tracking Transparency privacy policy, provide reasoning for Apple’s potential motivations in formulating the policy, explain how the policy will impact mobile marketers — across both app marketing campaigns and mobile web campaigns — and explain how ATT fits into the broader privacy reforms that are changing the digital advertising landscape. The presentation will run for 30 minutes, and I’ll open the room to a 30-minute Q&A and discussion afterward.

I have no expectations about how many people will attend this presentation; I might end up speaking to 10 people. But given Clubhouse’s reach and the degree to which this topic — especially the Facebook vs. Apple lens through which it is being viewed by the media — has become a popular talking point, I think it makes sense to use the platform to provide analysis on the subject.