iOS 14: How to prevail in Q2 2021

In light of the release of iOS 14.5, in which Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency privacy framework will be enforced, I have created a two-hour, seven-part online video workshop called iOS 14: How to prevail in Q2 2021. The course is designed to help teams that have not yet formulated an iOS 14 transition plan to very quickly get a sense of how iOS 14 will change their business and how they must adapt to those changes.

iOS 14.5 is being released to the public today. I have witnessed a number of different attitudes from advertisers towards App Tracking Transparency since it was announced back in June. A small minority of companies took ATT very seriously from the outset and invested heavily into the analytical exercises required to extract meaningful insight from SKAdNetwork postbacks.

But taking ATT seriously over the 10 months since it was revealed was something of a luxury: it requires dedicated data science resources and a willingness to plan for an outcome that is nebulous and difficult to quantify. ATT will degrade the effectiveness of digital advertising, but by how much? The fact that this question cannot be answered with any degree of specificity inspired a reticent, “wait and see” attitude for many advertisers. This, coupled with obfuscation campaigns engineered by many ad tech vendors who were incentivized to downplay the magnitude of ATT’s impact, instilled a false sense of confidence in many advertisers that motivated them to not confront ATT with the gravity it demands.

This two-hour course is conceived as a “Cliff’s notes,” abbreviated guide to iOS 14 adaptation for advertisers that have yet to begin planning for it in earnest. The course provides advertisers with actionable guidance for navigating the new commercial environment that ATT has created through:

  • A broad overview of how ATT will impact the way in which apps are distributed;
  • Guidance around using Apple’s SKAdNetwork framework to the greatest possible effect;
  • Recommendations for reporting and data analysis;
  • Insight into new measurement strategies that aren’t reliant on deterministic device identifiers;
  • Direction around creative production and testing under the limits of SKAdNetwork’s 100 campaign identifer restriction.

The course is comprised of seven video modules:

  1. Background
  2. Impact
  3. Designing App Monetization for SKAdNetwork
  4. Measurement
  5. Reporting and Analytics
  6. Product Marketing Strategy
  7. Creative

The target audience for the course is executives, marketers, product managers, and analysts at mobile-first companies that have yet to invest significantly into an ATT readiness / transformation strategy. Note that the course is specifically designed for mobile app advertisers and doesn’t cover the specific aspects of mobile web advertising that are also changing with iOS 14.

The cost of the course is $199.99.