Mobile Dev Memo Workshops in San Francisco, February 2017


Mobile Dev Memo Workshops during GDC 2017

NOTE: Both workshops are now sold out. You can still submit your name via the form to be put on the waiting list, which I’ll draw from should anyone have to cancel their attendance.

I am organizing two workshops during this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco (note: these are completely independent of and in no way affiliated with GDC) around mobile user acquisition and mobile product analytics.

These workshops are primarily designed for participants from small- and medium-sized app developers that are in the process of building out these functions internally. Each workshop is limited to 6 participants, and the price of each workshop is $1,200 per person.

To indicate your interest in either workshop, fill out the appropriate form below. Once enough people have submitted interest for both workshops, I will send out invitations to register for the workshops: in order to secure a place in either workshop, a $200 deposit will have to be made. The places at the workshops will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis in the order in which deposits are received.

Each workshop will run from 9am to 5pm, with a one hour break for lunch. The workshops will take place on Monday, February 27th (mobile user acquisition) and Tuesday, February 28th (mobile analytics) at a location TBD in downtown San Francisco.

Mobile User Acquisition Workshop (SOLD OUT)

This workshop covers a variety of practical topics around mobile user acquisition, including: optimal team composition, reporting (best practices and templates, proper communication, etc.), budget allocation and cash flow modeling, LTV estimation and implementation into workflow (where and how this is built into the UA team’s work), tools overview, spending strategies, partner management, creative cadence and optimization, etc.

This workshop is not “high concept”, but it’s also not operational at the level of eg. walking through how to set up Facebook campaigns. A participant in this workshop will leave with a better sense of how user acquisition strategically fits into their company’s commercial profile, how a user acquisition team should measure its performance and interface with other working groups at the company, how workflow (ie. the manner and cadence in which people on the team do their jobs) can be improved for optimal output, how and where technology / automation should be used to create labor leverage, etc.

This workshop is a good fit for people that have at least some experience with campaign management and want to grow into team leads / understand how to build and manage a high-performance user acquisition team.

This workshop is not a good fit for people that already work in a large and technologically sophisticated user acquisition team, or that work for companies that focus growth efforts primarily around “growth hacking” or ASO.

Use this form to indicate interest in the Mobile User Acquisition workshop.

Mobile Product Analytics Workshop (SOLD OUT)

This workshop covers the interaction between analytics and product design / management for freemium apps. It is specifically tailored for the freemium model and is oriented around my book, Freemium Economics. The topics covered in this workshop include: freemium principles, product marketing & concept evaluation for freemium apps, data-driven design and optimization, product KPI selection and reporting, live ops and sales analysis (measuring the impact of sales in terms of revenue shifting vs. revenue generation), A/B testing and user segmentation best practices, CRM, etc.

This workshop is more conceptual than the user acquisition workshop, but given how narrow the scope is (freemium mobile apps), it’s unlikely to be abstract the point of not being actionable for anyone that takes part. A participant will leave this workshop with a better understand of what data they have at their disposal in optimizing a freemium app and how that data can be integrated into the development process (and what the development process should look like) in order to optimize a freemium app.

This workshop is a good fit for people that recently moved into a product role at a freemium app developer or who have a product background outside of freemium.

This workshop is not a good fit for people that don’t work in freemium.

Use this form to indicate interest in the Mobile Analytics workshop.

If you have any questions or want additional details about either of the workshops, please feel free to email me or direct message me on the Mobile Dev Memo Slack channel.