Modern Mobile Marketing at Scale: a MDM workshop series in Fall 2019

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This Fall, Mobile Dev Memo is running a series of workshops called Modern Mobile Marketing at Scale. These workshops will take place in New York City (Wednesday, October 2nd), San Francisco (Wednesday, October 16) and London (Wednesday, October 30th). These workshops will be small — just 10 people in each — and instructional, covering a broad range of topics within mobile marketing.

Participants in these workshops should leave with a clear understanding of the current mobile marketing landscape, the primary strategies available to them to scale their mobile marketing spend into the millions of dollars per month, tactics for operating mobile advertising campaigns efficiently on Facebook and Google, and best practices for mobile advertising analytics and reporting. The proposed list of content topics for the workshop can be found here, although the specific agenda of each workshop will be decided collaboratively with participants ahead of time. Testimonials from the 2017 workshop series can be found here.

These workshops are a good fit for user acquisition managers / team leads or individual contributors from small and mid-sized companies that are (or will be soon) in the process of scaling advertising spend for systematic user base growth on live apps. These workshops are not a good fit for managers of large user acquisition teams, for people whose primary role is within the realm of growth hacking / ASO / retention-based growth strategies, for individual contributors that have narrow scopes of work within large user acquisition teams, or for employees of service providers within the mobile advertising ecosystem.

Each of these workshops will run from 9am until 5pm with a one-hour break for lunch (which will be provided) at a centrally-located workshop venue . The cost for one place in each of the workshops is $2,000; the full price of the workshop must be paid up front to secure a place.

For any questions about the workshops, please email me directly or send me a direct message in the Mobile Dev Memo Slack channel. Also, please see the short FAQ below.

Q: Will the content of the workshops be made available online later?
A: No. The only way to consume the workshop content is to attend one of the workshops.

Q: Will you offer a multi-ticket discount?
A: These workshops have historically sold out fairly quickly, so I don’t plan on offering multi-ticket discounts.

Q: Are you open to presenting this workshop at our company’s office?
A: Right now, I have only planned these three workshop events.

Q: I work for a mobile adtech company — can I attend a workshop?
A: Tickets to the workshops will only be sold to mobile marketing practitioners.

Q: How can I buy a ticket to the workshop?
A: Fill out this form to express your interest and you’ll receive an invoice + event attendance contract.