Podcast: Is panel data the future of marketing audience discovery? (with Rameez Tase)

In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Rameez Tase about the applicability of panel data in the new advertising environment in which device-level and user-level identifiers are not available for use in creating behavioral profiles. Rameez and I speak about the use case for panel data in developing marketing audiences for both product testing and development (for whom is this product being built?) and advertising targets (to whom should we show this product’s ads?). Without the direct feedback loop of behavioral targeting and conversions measurement, both product managers and marketers must rely on much more broadly conceived audiences for input into the tough balancing problems they face in scaling a product. We discuss what panel data is, how it has been used historically, and why it is becoming more critical as a product development and marketing tool in the new digital privacy landscape. Rameez is the co-founder & President of Antenna, a subscription services insights platform.

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