Podcast: Privacy Updates from WWDC 2022: SKAdNetwork expansion and Fingerprinting (with Alex Bauer)

My guest for this episode of the MDM Podcast is Alex Bauer, the Head of Product and Market Strategy at Branch, the mobile measurement and linking company. We speak about the revelations from Apple’s WWDC conference last week that are most important for mobile advertisers: 1) the expansion of Apple’s SKAdNetwork measurement framework, 2) Apple’s prohibition of aggregated measurement solutions, and 3) Apple’s very clear and strident proclamation that Fingerprinting is Never Allowed.

This interview assumes quite a bit of knowledge on the part of the listener. For background, see these articles:

Dear Apple: These changes will improve SKAdNetwork for advertisers (background on SKAdNetwork)

How to scale and optimize marketing spend with SKAdNetwork (background on SKAdNetwork)

Apple to Ad Tech: “Fingerprinting is Never Allowed” (overview of Apple’s stance on Fingerprinting as stated at WWDC 2022)

Is SKAdNetwork 4.0 a turning point for mobile advertising: Privacy with Purpose? (overview of Apple’s expansion of SKAdNetwork as revealed at WWDC 2022)

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