SKAdNetwork 4.0 is live. What does that mean for mobile advertising?

In this episode of the Mobile Dev Memo Podcast, I speak with Alex Bauer, the Head of Product and Market Strategy at Branch, about the specifics of SKAdNetwork 4.0, which was launched with the release of iOS 16.1 this past Monday. The documentation for SKAdNetwork 4.0 was also released on that day, which created somewhat of a frenzy amongst mobile advertisers as they scrambled to digest the details of this foundational upgrade to Apple’s privacy-safe attribution framework.

In the podcast, Alex and I touch upon four broad topics:

  • First, the new timer system that accompanies the two additional attribution windows that have been made available;
  • Second, the ability for advertisers to lock conversion values within those attribution windows;
  • Third, the concept of crowd anonymity that has been introduced to SKAdNetwork and how the four tiers of crowd anonymity regulate the information that is transmitted within postbacks;
  • and Fourth, how ad networks will adapt to SKAdNetwork 4.0, and on what potential timeline.

Alex and I previously discussed SKAdNetwork 4.0 on the MDM podcast just following its announcement in July in this episode.

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