The State of the App Economy: 2019 and beyond

Below is the presentation I gave at the Mobile Growth Summit in San Francisco on February 14th, 2019.

The presentation provides a broad overview of the current state of the app economy from the perspective of app distribution, monetization, and ad targeting. It then proposes three thoughts for mobile marketers on navigating 2019.

The state of the app economy – 2019 and Beyond – Eric Seufert from Eric Seufert

This presentation is an amalgamation of several presentations that I gave in 2018. Specifically, slides 35 – 42, about team composition and the difference between mobile user acquisition now and in the 2013-15 period, are from a presentation that I gave in March 2018. I’m sharing the presentation here as I intend to retire these slides; Valentine’s Day 2019 felt like a fitting time to present them for the last time.