Podcast: When does it make sense to outsource user acquisition to an agency?

In this episode of the MDM podcast, I speak with Grant Harbin, the founder and CEO of Headlight, a marketing agency. We discuss the topic of user acquisition outsourcing and when and why that might be relevant for an app developer.

My own views on this have evolved recently and have been especially influenced by the imminent extinction of mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs). The “user acquisition” role has bifurcated into deep data analysis — much of which is too demanding for a generalist and requires specific analytical expertise — and campaign management, which has been abstracted away by automation on the major platforms. I expound on this topic in the below Twitter thread:

As a result of these developments, the conditions under which employing a dedicated, in-house user acquisition team have changed. Grant and I discuss this change and the tradeoffs involved in outsourcing user acquisition in the episode.

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