Workshop: Understanding and preparing for AppTrackingTransparency in iOS 14

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I have been asked by a number of advertisers to re-launch the How to Build and Scale successful apps without the IDFA workshop series I delivered over the course of August. Given the demand, I have decided to run a limited workshop series called Understanding and preparing for AppTrackingTransparency in iOS 14 as a sort of sequel to the original workshop. In this workshop, I’ll provide a high-level overview of what is being introduced with AppTrackingTransparency, what developers need to do to comply with AppTrackingTransparency, and how marketing optimization and measurement will change once AppTrackingTransparency is made mandatory by Apple (expected in late March).

Additionally, the workshop will provide clear guidance for how advertisers can:

  • Update their marketing analytics and reporting to best adapt to the new, AppTrackingTransparency environment;
  • Re-organize their ad creative strategy to best resonate in the new ad targeting paradigm;
  • Utilize first-party data for internal use (and not as a means of doing external ad targeting or profiling with third parties) to optimize product monetization and retention.

Attendees will leave the workshop with a complete understanding of the privacy changes being introduced with ATT in iOS14 and how they can adapt their marketing and product operations to mitigate these changes.

The workshop agenda is below:

Workshop details

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Date / Scheduling: I will hold exactly 10 of these workshops, and I am aiming to schedule all of them between February 15th and March 5th. Workshop spots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cost: $1,500

Length: 90 minutes. The presentation I will give runs 60 minutes, and I reserve 30 minutes for Q&A. Note that I have a shortened, 30-minute version of the deck that I can use if attendees would prefer more time for Q&A.

Max Attendees: 10. This workshop is designed for teams or groups of people from within a single company.

Registration Process: After filling out the form linked above, I will send a Letter of Agreement that must be signed by the representative of the workshop attendees. Once that is received, and upon payment, I will send a link for scheduling the workshop.


If I attended the original How to Build and Scale successful apps without the IDFA workshop, will I get value out of this one?

Probably not. I am encouraging attendees of the original workshop to not attend this workshop. I will be sharing the deck of this workshop with all attendees of the original workshop for free.

Will this workshop instruct me on how to find loopholes or workarounds to ATT data usage restrictions, such as how to fingerprint devices for targeting on third-party platforms?


Won’t this workshop necessarily include speculation on your part? How can I be sure that everything you are saying is exactly accurate?

Yes, the workshop relies on speculation on my part. I do not know exactly what is going to happen with ATT, but I have followed developments around the policy very closely and am familiar with all publicly available information. If you are not an ardent follower of MDM and are not convinced that I have credibility in this area or on this topic, I encourage you to not attend the workshop.