The best of MDM in 2018

2018 was the best year in the 5.5 year history of Mobile Dev Memo in terms of pageviews, with an average of just over 40,000 views per article. These are the top 10 articles published on the site in 2018, in ascending order of pageviews:

Facebook doesn’t sell user data. No one would buy it. (#10, May 7)

The mobile app economy’s second act (#9, July 30)

Mobile ad mediation’s new era: SDK bidding (#8, June 4)

The changing face of mobile UA with event-based bidding (#7, April 23)

The era of algorithmic marketing: 6 mobile marketers comment on Google’s UAC & more (#6, March 12)

How do mobile marketers think about LTV in 2018? (#5, February 12)

In-app header bidding and the road to programmatic (#4, June 11)

Algorithms, Ad Targeting, and Democracy – a Conversation with Dr. Sandra Matz (#3, April 2)

Optimizing growth: the “leaky bucket” isn’t an early-stage retention problem (#2, September 10)

Monthly user churn is a terrible metric (#1, November 19)

Happy New Year!

Photo by Jamie Fenn on Unsplash