Top Mobile Dev Memo posts of 2016


As the door closes on 2016 and the prospects of 2017 begin to materialize, it’s interesting to look back on the major industry developments of the past year. These are the top 10 articles from Mobile Dev Memo in 2016, listed in descending order of pageviews:

Using (Free!) App Annie data to optimize your next game – this article is an overview of a presentation I gave at Casual Connect San Francisco in which I proposed an analytical framework for evaluating the competitiveness / marketability of a mobile game concept using market data.

Why is Supercell worth billions? They’re better than everyone else – in this guest post, Michael Velkes explains Supercell’s market dominance through an analysis of the craftsmanship of their games and marketing program.

The substantial difference between App Store SEO and ASO – this article considers the difference between App Store SEO (optimizing an app store page for keyword search) and App Store Optimization (optimizing the art and creative assets on an app store page for conversion to install).

Why mobile marketing teams fail – an essay identifying some commonly observed reasons for the failure (poor performance / inability to scale products / inability to retain team members) of mobile marketing teams.

IDFA Zeroing is the massive change to mobile advertising that no one is talking about – Apple introduced “IDFA zeroing” in iOS 10, and at the time, most adtech and “martech” providers were loath to acknowledge that it would have a significant impact on mobile marketing. Even today, three months after IDFA zeroing started, many mobile marketers struggle to cope with the effect it has on the durability of their marketing data.

Silicon Valley and the geographic distribution of hit mobile games – this post explores the geographic distribution of hit mobile games and offers an explanation as to why so few are developed in Silicon Valley.

Nonstop Knight: A case study in mobile ad monetization – an analysis of the advertising mechanics used in Nonstop Knight, a mobile dungeon crawler game, to monetize players.

Examining the dynamic between Top Grossing and Top Downloaded – an analysis of the relationship between the Top Grossing and Top Downloaded charts.

The Power Triad of Resonance for Mobile Games – an examination of the three factors — game mechanic, tone, and theme — that, in combination, determine a mobile game’s marketability.

Thoughts on Twitter’s growth problems and suggestions for fixing them – an analysis of Twitter’s problems with growth, with some product recommendations for increasing user adoption.